Secure Payment

All online payment methods used in connect under certified SSL encrypted security protocols platforms.

  • Wire Transfer: In this case, a number of features which make the income from their means (either from your physical bank, Internet account from your bank or making a ingeso by cashier) is displayed, the order will be shipped after verification payment received by it or a copy of the transfer made via email.
  • PayPal: The most secure online payment (The order will be handled after verification of payment thereof). Security SSL encrypted.
  • Credit Card: Paypal Guest ( without fail to be registered with PayPal) mode. Our application connects to the secure payment platform 4B to arrange payment of the order with your credit card. Once you have completed the transaction with your credit card, we process your order in our store regular periods. Security SSL encrypted.
Pago Seguro

Why use PayPal? PayPal is the online payment service with which you can pay the safer, easier and the online store is faster in online shops.

  • Insurance: Once you register on paypal, all data from your bank or credit card Paypal provided only. Therefore, these data have to be sent back every time you make an online purchase.
  • Easy: Pay in two clicks. When shopping to banking data is used once provided in PayPal credit card , rather than having to key in every purchase.
  • Fast: PayPal payments come quickly. Then the seller can manage the order immediately to get it ASAP.

Why add PayPal Visa Electron? The Visa Electron card is a product designed for customers to avoid the risk of carrying cash to make purchases and always pay the exact value. Visa Electron cards are electronic use and require only introduce key personnel. Visa Electron offers great ease, security and speed in your shopping online, using the authentication mechanism Verified by VISA.