A continuación, las preguntas mas frecuentes de nuestros clientes:

 About of Vinyl
1. What is Vinyl?

When we talk in terms of vinyl adhesive, also often called sticker, decal, sticker or sticker (in English). It is made of a composite material based on vinyl back which has been applied a thin layer of adhesive sheet. This sheet is bonded on a silicon paper in order to maintain the ability to adhere to the time line. Also, above, takes a "transfer" paper used in turn to take protective and adhesive where you want, and set this film on another surface permanently.

2. Where I can stick vinyl?

It is designed for application on vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to boats or aircraft, but you can place on any smooth, clean surface such as a wall, glass, aluminum, plastic, wood... always free from grease, oil or other contaminants such as dust.

3. Is it difficult placement, I can do it myself?

For nothing is difficult, its placement is very simple, just follow the simple instructions provided in the section "Application Modes".

4. What guarantee do I have in the material and what is its duration?

We give 2 years warranty for most materials, but its duration is estimated between 10 to 12 years abroad, and unlimited interior. Since we work with market leading materials as may be Oracal, 3M, Ritrama,... is one of the lowest procupaciones must have regard to the quality of the material.

5. Do they digital print on vinyl?

Also!! It should be noted that to protect the color of printed inks on our vinyls, laminate them with a special protective film against U.V. rays Arriving resist ink so markedly with the passage of time without suffering a noticeable fading, or become pale in a short time and irretrievably.

6. Can I add a border of another color on the sticker?

Yes, but when cutting material. First place the entire base (which would border) and then over the desired design. To place an order of this type, ask us about the possibilities and prices from the menu or the contact form desired design.

7. What is the difference in choosing vinyl Normal or Reverse orientation?

Really no, except in orientation. as the basic color vinyl is colored on both sides (on the front and back contact). However some special colors such as 3D carbon, to bring texture and be antibubble, not have that detail in its area contact.

 The Vinyl and the Automobile
8. What if I have some curvature in the vehicle?

No problem, because this material with heat (use a hair dryer would suffice) can mold and adapt to irregularities such as hollow door handle for example.

9. Are the stickers placed inside a polarized glass is see?

If you place the adhesive into a polarized glass not much to see. Our advice is to put the vinyl on the outside, as it is fully prepared for outdoor use.

10. Is the paint on my vehicle is damaged with these stickers?

Vinyl never harm the paint or surface of the body. It is the same material used by commercial vehicles (vans, trucks ), racing cars or advertising windows...

11. Does the rear window heater damaged vinyl?

Our stickers are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and engine heat on the hood.

12. Is it legal to placing vinyl on the vehicle?

It is perfectly legal as long as it does not obstruct the driver's vision and different illumination and signaling systems. As for the rear window, where the 2 side mirrors are in good condition, you could label smoothly. However the rules of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT in Spain) are constantly changing. Refer to these laws before ordering this type. VinilosTuning.com not responsible for the legality of their use. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the proper use of traffic rules.

13. How I can remove the vinyl if you no longer want to continue to have in the vehicle?

If the adhesive has been crystallized, with heat, with a hairdryer and enough patience. And if by chance scraps remain glue with a damp cloth with water diluted alcohol was going smoothly.

14. Can I wash the car with a gun or roller pressure car wash?

No problem, most of the vinyl withstand extreme weather, from snow, rain, hail,... That is why the car wash rollers automatic washing or using a pressure gun. Recomandamos visit the Materials for detailed some of the features and recommendations.

 Payment and Delivery
15. From where are sent the orders?
We manage all orders from our office located in Orihuela Costa - Alicante (Spain).

16. What countries do you are shipped the vinyls?

Of time to any intracommunity country of the European Union.

17. What are the forms of payment can I use?

Paypal, Credit Card, bank transfer or deposit into account. Except for COD, because as custom stickers (under order) do not have stock.

18. How long should it take to receive my order?

Usually ships the next day after receiving the payment , all shipments are certified, the time depends much of the carrier (usually 2 to 3 days nationally).